Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kelantan The Red Warriors Proudly Support Local Soccer

Di saat orang lain masih menjadikan kelab bola sepak dan negara luar sebagai idola mereka, kita semua menyokong pasukan kita Kelantan TRW dengan semangat Gomo Kelate Gomo. Kita bukan fanatik tetapi kita adalah PATRIOTIK. Kita bangga dengan pasukan negeri sendiri. Melalui cara ini kita menyokong pembangunan dan usaha meningkatkan mutu bola sepak tempatan iaitu negara kita Malaysia. Di saat orang lain membayar tiket dengan harga jauh lebih rendah untuk menyokong pasukan mereka, kita sanggup membayar dengan harga yang tinggi dan MAHAL. Kita sanggup datang dari jauh kerana Kelantan TRW dan kita sanggup berhujan dan berpanas kerananya kerana KITA SAYANG DAN BANGGA dengan pasukan kita. Biar kita tidak mendengar pujian atau menerima ucapan tahniah atas usaha dan sumbangan bakti kita dalam memeriahkan arena bola sepak Malaysia, cukuplah kita tersenyum bila mendengar Dato' Rahim Razali Pengulas Tersohor Malaysia mengatakan "Atmosfera bola sepak sebenar di Malaysia adalah di Kelantan"...dan kita boleh juga tersenyum bila Tan Sri Datuk Tony Fernandes mengatakan "Penyokong Kelantan adalah FENOMENA pada pasukan mereka" Gomo Kelate Gomo!!! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Allah is the best listener...

Appreciate whatever you've got. You never know when ALLAH is going to take them away. Be thankful ~ alhamdullilah. Every falling tear, every silent sob.. Allah knows. He has given you an opportunity to get closer to Him through the trials. Allah is the Most Wise...and when we pray and put our nose to the ground,we feel a joy,a rest,a strength,that is outside this world...Allah is enough as a witness.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


  • A man that can't be present for you emotionally at all times may not be a man that makes a good long term partner.
  • Men fall in LOVE with you when they think about you and when you stay on their minds when you are apart.

  • If  he sees you as long term potential and has deep feelings, he won't be up and down, hot and cold. Sure he may have an off day, but he wouldn't dream of being this way to the woman he wants to keep around. This is treatment he reserves for his back burner girls or women that allow him to get away with such behavior.  The sad truth for the reason they stay around and blow hot and cold is they are keeping their OPTIONS OPEN.

  • Often men have several options. You may not be the only girl he is showing his attention to. Often men will keep you on the back burner so to speak. They call you, text you, spend time here and there with you. This is to keep you interested enough so that you will remain an OPTION. He is just buying time and having something to do until the one that knocks his socks off comes along. When he thinks he found her, he leaves you in the dust. 


Thursday, June 07, 2012


When the time is right, and that wonderful, caring, compassionate person comes along that truly loves you, then consider giving yourself to him/her. Until then, love life, love your friends, parents, and siblings, and most of all, love yourself. When that is done, all else will fall in place when the time is right.